Passed with Flying Colors

I homeschool the little one. Right now, that's the best choice for her. Down the road, we may enroll her to a regular school but that still remains to be seen. Anyway, per the state's law, all homeschooled kids still have to undergo testing and/or evaluation at the end of the school year just like those that go to regular schools. Yesterday, we went to her annual evaluation and she passed it with flying colors. Yay! Her vocabulary is that of a seventh grade half-way through year.

Aside from that, the evaluator said that she's way above her grade level in all aspects/subjects so we need to find more challenging materials for her in order to keep her from getting bored. As it is right now, we're using grades 3 - 6 books, as well as 4 - 8 books. Mommy [aka teacher] is currently busy checking out the different resources available online so we can order the needed materials - books, kits, etc. I am hoping I'll be able to find what I need ASAP so as not to waste time. The thing is there's literally hundreds of places to choose from so it's harder than I thought. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish what I need to before the week ends. Goodluch to me, eh?


Weng Zaballa said…
wow! congrats to your smart and pretty girl for passing the evaluation. and congrats to Mommy/Teacher too!!! :)

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