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Just as I was expecting [see post below], I am wide awake now that it’s bed time. I don’t know why but this is always happening to me. So here I am blogging while watching some TV. Hopefully, I’ll be sleepy in no time, which I doubt of course. The hubby is watching the Monday Night Football in the bedroom. Normally, I’d watch it with him but not this time. I get so ‘into the game’ that instead of making me sleepy [like it does to the husband], it keeps me awake. It’s like caffeine for me. I wonder if playing some puzzle games online will do the trick. Maybe it will. But then again, maybe it will just keep me more awake since these games somehow stimulate the brain, right?

Anyway, I used to do a lot of these game puzzles online. They are quite enjoyable especially for someone like me who does not go out often. It’s a good way to pass time and exercise the brain at the same time. I even joined an online contest for it and won at one point. They sent me the prize which was a gift certificate for an online store but I never got the chance to use it because if I use the certificate, I would have ended spending much more than the amount on the certificate so I passed. Anyway, another online game I used to play a few years ago are driving games because the husband thought it would help me to learn how to…ummm…drive. Did it? Help, I mean? No really. I still don’t know how to drive up until now. But it was fun playing those games as well.

I wonder if playing dress up games will help me dress better? Maybe not...based on my track record I seem to learn better if I learn something 'hands-on'. I'm sure though that the little will enjoy playing the dress up games if I let her know about it. My only problem is how to make sure she does not play all the time.


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