Reality Shows

Everytime I turn on the TV, it seems that's all I see being shown. I don't think there is a single channel on TV now that does not have a reality TV show. I personally don't care much about them. But I particularly avoid the 'Real Housewives' shows. How many are there now? About 10 different versions? It seems people will also do anything, as in ANYTHING, to get into these shows. Case in point - the White House party crashers. As it turned out, that was a stunt pulled to make noise for a new 'real housewives' show. Ugh!

With that being said, there are still some reality tv shows out there that are worth watching. Worth watching because they are somehow educational like "How It's Made". It's a show that explains how some things or products are made. One time we caught an episode that showed how a gold bullion become a gold bullion. I kinda' had an idea how they become into bullions but it's intersting to see it actually happening. If not for that show, I probably wouldn't have the chance to see how a gold bullion is made. That particular episode was very interesting to the little one because she's fascinated with gold as early as now. Yep, she's growing to be a typical woman who likes anything shiny.

Anyway, I just wish TV producers come up with more shows that are somewhat educational. I honestly don't see how those other reality shows become so popular that they come back on air season after season. Ugh!


Ciela said…
Hello Huling! This early, you already can tell what your li'l lady's fascination would be huh?! Ingatan na ang iyong mga gold jewelries for her!Lol!

Bakit nga ba uso ang reality tv shows? Dito rin eh, panay na lng ganyan. Okay lng naman sa 'kin, kasi halos wala na ko time for tv. he he..

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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