All Talk?


That seems to be the case for now. What am I talking about? What else but our planned vacation. When I called my sister in law on her birthday, her first question was "when are you coming for a visit?". I wish I could tell her but I myself isn't even sure when or if it will happen anytime soon. We've been planning to do that for the longest time but everytime we try to have a fixed plan, something else comes up. So now I just don't plan anymore. We still talk about it, we just don't plan much anymore. Last night hubby brought up myrtle beach. I was actually the one that mentioned that place to him a couple of weeks ago. Since we cannot go far for a vacation, I thought why not go somewhere near enough where we won't use majority of the time traveling...thus my suggestion of myrtle beach.

Anyway, he's been there. He knows the place but it's been more than 10 years since the last time he was there. That time, he visited a friend who had a house near the place....meaning he didn't have to book accommodations because he stayed with his friend's place. That friend has moved down here since then so we if we decide to go there, we will need to book for accommodations. Good thing there's plenty of places to stay there. One quick search and places like towers at myrtle beach pop up. I tried to input some basic information like number of adults & children as well as our tentative date of travel and voila...I was able to see rates and availability for the condos at Simple. I wish it's that easy to find the time to actually take that very much desired vacation. It seems that for's really all talk. I am hoping we can actually put things in action sooner than later. We need a vacation....


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