Saturday, October 30, 2010

Burning & Building...


And the weight loss saga continues....

It seems I am on an endless journey when it comes to shedding off the extra pounds I have been carrying for quite a while now. I admit, I am not very good when it comes to burning fats. In other words I'm lazy. I have attempted numerous times to start some kind of an exercise regimen only to stop dead on my tracks when something happens. The last being a health scare which turned out to be nothing serious. To say I'm disappointed in myself is probaby accurate not only because I can't seem to continue what I start but I find it hard to even start. Should I start considering something else in order for me to lose some unwanted weight? I don't want to pop just any diet pill. If ever I go that route, I may choose one with conjugated linoleic acid cla because CLA is known to help in burning fats while building lean muscles. That's exactly what I want. As it is now, not many people will say I'm fat. I like my present weight. I just want to get rid of the fats and possible turn it to muscle. I wonder if sitting on my bee-hind day in day out will help? Maybe not, eh?

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J said...

who is not on your boat regarding weight loss? I packed in 7lbs from the trips this year. I thought I didn't do some damage after France,but after my visit to the Internist last week muntik na akong himatayin.

may bangs ka na ba? btw, only girl ka ba? I wont be surprise kasi your Tatang wanted you to sport long hair.ako kasi pang-apat na girl(sunod-sunod) pinipilit ng dad kong maging boy kaya hair ko growing up laging naka-pigtails. butiyung pang lima boy na.

hope you're having a great weekend. tc!