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When my husband started his small business about 5 years ago, one of the first things he said he would do was build a website for his company. He is quite the computer whiz so I had no doubt he would be able to do it. He didn't have a lot of time to do that because he worked during the day in the shop so he could only work on the website at night. After maybe a month or so of tinkering with it, he published the company's website. I must say I was impressed considering the little amount of time he made it. For the next several months after launching their business and website, he was able to check and update the website regularly.

Today, he barely opens the website. It's been 5 years so they already have some kind of a steady flow of work coming in. Sadly, the website has taken a backseat as far as my husband is concerned. He just doesn't have the time to work on it as much as he wants to and as much as he used to. I wonder if they have ever considered managed hosting for their company's website? I guess not because they're website still looks like it used to some 5 years ago. Maybe I should suggest that to the husband when I get the chance. It would be a great boost to their business I'm sure.


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