Butter Pecan Ice Cream


My favorite. Not good. I just had it. Not good. I'm the only that likes this flavor so I'm usually the one who eats most of it. Again. Not good. At all.

I think I should visit http://www.mosteffectivedietpill.org/ and start reading on the different weight loss supplements available. Or maybe I can just stop writing 'butter pecan ice cream' on the grocery list so the husband doesn't get any when he goes grocery shopping. Funny because he said next time he buys ice cream he's going to pick what he likes. I guess he finally realized I've only been listing my favorite ice cream flavor. Ha! I thought he'll never notice. LOL. Seriously I really need to lay easy on some sweets starting, maybe, now. Aside from my aim of losing some pounds here and there, I also need to watch my sugar intake. I have the dreaded diabetes in my genes so I should be careful in having too much sweet. What to do??? LOL....


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