Big time I must say. Physically anyway. Clue?

Looks like a black snake, doesn't it? Yep, that's a foot [more or less] of my hair that I had chopped off yesterday. Finally! It only took me about 10 years to finally do it. I had it trimmed a few times over that period of time but it's nothing noticeable. Picture? I'd post one as soon as I get the chance.

Since we were out already, we decided to run some errands. Right after the hair 'makeover' we went to lunch. Right after lunch, we had an oil change for the car which took about an hour. So while waiting for it to be finished we decided to walk around Wal-Mart. First stands because we need one for the little one's TV in the bedroom. Unfortunately, we didn't find what we're looking for so we just checked some latest DVD releases, electronic gadgets and some stuff for the little one like a kid's make-up kit. She's been asking a lot about make-up lately so hubby and I decided to see if there's anything we can get her to play around with to satisfy her curiosity. She wasn't that interested to look for those though. Instead she's interested in checking out toys for babies. I guess our little girl is still a baby after all, eh? At least that's how I want to look at it.


J said…
it's funny how I have been contemplating on chopping off my mane too. two months na akong undecided. mukhang makukumbinsi mo ako hahaha. mine is shorter though,just below my shoulders lang and I'm thinking of having a bob cut. sabi ni F baka iyakan ko daw. but if I know, he is not too thrilled pero wala siyang magawa.dali, post mo new pic ha.

hope you're enjoying the rest of your Sunday. yung dalaga mo wala na talagang makakapigil at nagdadalaga na.

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