Chasing Sleep

Sleep used to come easy to me. I remember sleeping so much when I was younger that my siblings would tease me non-stop because of it. I could fall asleep in any position as well. My father was the same. My mother would get mad at him because he'd fall asleep on her in the middle of the day while they're chatting. It served me great when I was still teaching and had to be at work as early as 7 AM. That meant I had to be asleep by 9 or 10 PM if I wanted to be productive during the day.

A lot has changed since then...especially after I became a mother. Added to that is my crazy schedule as a WAHM. Since I work from home I no longer have to worry about waking up as early as I used to which means I don't really have to go to bed early as well. Not a good idea. My body clock is so messed up that I now take forever to fall asleep. As a result, I am tired during the day. Hubs told me to try Tylenol PM but I'm not keen on popping pills to put me to sleep. But lately, I've been reading about melatonin benefits to the body. I just came across this article and it's an interesting read I must say. I'm still not convinced I should take any pills to be able to sleep soundy but it's good to be informed as to what some of those sleep aid meds have in them that can help one get that much needed forty-winks.


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