Coming Back...


This past weekend we finally had the chance to catch up with hubby’s brother and his wife. They only live 20 minutes away from us but we rarely see them. Blame work! LOL. We talk on the phone but it’s different when we talk face to face of course. The little one was very excited to see her uncle because he laughs at her jokes. The good thing about visiting them is we get to hear updates not only about them but about other family members as well. We learned that hubby’s other siblings who used to live down here that moved in other states at the start of this year are coming back before the year ends. We have no idea why but I’m guessing they’re not happy where they moved hence the decision to come back this soon. I still remember how excited they were about the move. A sister in law even offer her dining set to us but the color of the set didn't go with the rest of the furniture.

The good thing about their ‘come back’…the little one will have more cousins down here who are close to her age. Not “that close” in age but close enough that they would want to play with her when they see her just like last time. The youngest of the bunch [beside the little one] is now a “tween” who likes to play dirt bike games as well as hunting games online. He was just a baby when I first met him. I still remember playing hide and seek with him whenever we visited them while I was pregnant with the little one. According to my brother in law [his uncle], he’s starting to be more aloof now. He would rather stay in his room playing free online games in his PC than mingle with his siblings much less his aunts and uncles. Hopefully, he’ll outgrow that stage and be the sweet little boy I knew him to be way back when.


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