Dried Fish 'chips'?

So it seems.

When we went to the Philippine Store last weekend I was surprised when the husband picked a bag of this 'Fried Jeprox Fish Fillet'. I was even more suprised when he said we're buying it. So we did!

Everyday, the little one would ask: When are you going to eat the fish chips? His reply: On the weekend. I don't want to eat them when I have to go to work the next day. Hahaha...

He finally opened the bag yesterday. I wasn't around when he did but when I went to the kitchen I knew right away that he did. His facial expression said it all. He only took one small bite and that's it. He said he couldn't get past the smell but he likes the taste. The little one ate a little more than the Dad....and I get the rest. I haven't eaten it yet but it's very similar to 'danggit' or some other fried fish we have in the Philippines. At least I won't have to fry it since it's ready to eat already. Yay for me! LOL....


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