Eversince we moved the old TV set in the little one's bedroom, she's been asking daily if she can watch something on 'her' TV. Yes, she has to ask permission if she can watch. We made it a point that she just doesn't turn the TV on if she gets the urge to do so. She can only watch if she's done with wathever it is she needs to do. Throughout the year we've accummulated probably a hundred or more children's DVDs and some VHS. Obviously, she has outgrown a lot of those already. Right now she's only watching about 10 of them alternately. She's watched those 10 so much that she can already lip synch every single dialogue and/or songs in each one of them. So last night I decided to look more blu ray movies to add her very limited collection. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to get some new movies that she can watch in her "own TV".

Since she already has TV in her bedroom, she rarely watches in our bedroom anymore. If we want to watch with her, Daddy and Mommy have to take the trek to her room so we can watch together...and it tickles her to no end when that happens.


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