Celebrating 'fiesta' is probably one of the things I miss most about the Philippines. It's usually the commemoration of the town or barrio's patron saint. It's one of the many influences of the Spaniards to the Philippines. Fiesta is a big thing especially in the province. When I was growing up, October 12 [today] was the big fiesta day. It's the Feast of the Nuestra Senora Del Pilar which is the town's patron saint so it's actually the town's fiesta. Since I lived in the central part of the town [plaza], we were at the heart of the celebration. For the longest time, those who were living in the 'plaza' only celebrated the town fiesta. Our barrio [aka village] didn't celebrate its patron saint's feast day unlike other barrios. Such is no longer the case. From what I heard, the big 'town fiesta' is no longer as big as it was when I was growing up. They still have some kind of a celebration but not as extravagant anymore. The reason - our little barrio now observes its very own fiesta which falls in June.

Anyway, I just thought of writing something about it since I've been thinking about it since yesterday. I haven't attended a fiesta in maybe 20 years. The reason being...I worked either in Manila or abroad [and now I'm 12000 miles away] and fiestas are not considered national holiday. I'm not sure if I ever missed work just to attend fiesta but I highly doubt it. Hopefully, I'll be able to witness another one in the coming years. When, how or where....those are the big '3' mysteries.


Ciela said…
Ang fiesta! bow! Lol! Reminds me of many good memories of my younger years. ha ha ..sarap kasi makipamiyesta! Baka nga pati sa inyo naki-fiesta na ko eh.Lol! Nung panahon ko kasi sobrang bongga ang mga celebrations. Masaya! Wala na ngayon. Di na tulad ng dati. Pag-uwi mo dito maninibago ka talaga. Wait lang, kelan ba yun? he he..sana soon!

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