First Timers


This weekend turned out to be another busy one for us. Yesterday hubby went to the other property to cut the grass and weeds because the person we paid to cut the grass stopped doing it. We can't let the grass go tall because the house is on the market and it's a big turn off for prospective buyers so the hubby has no choice but to do the mowing himself. He's been convincing his neighbor at the shop to buy the house and he wants to show it to them probably next week. The guy though is unsure though if he'll be able to get a mortgage because of his bad credit. Now I can tell the husband to let the guy know that there is help out there for someone like him with a bad credit get home mortgage.

Hubby really likes to help this guy. He's been camping out in the shop since he has nowhere to go. We're thinking of lowering the price of the house if that will help him get a mortgage. I'm trying to find as much information for first time buyers like him so he can make an informed decision. We also don't want him to jump into something with his eyes closed. Unfortunately, a lot of people are doing just that...buying a property without enough knowledge of what they're getting into. I think it's crucial for home buyers to sink their teeth into learning the ins and outs of mortgage before getting one. This Home Loan Tutorials and Mortgage Help page is a great way to start.

Anyway, I am hoping that we will be able to help this guy buy his first home. It may be our house or it may be another house, it really doesn't matter. I'm just glad that despite his bad credit rating, he can still have that chance to be a homeowner just like everyone else. Of course it will be an added bonus if he decides to go with our house.


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