Harry Potter 8???


J.K. Rowling was the guest in Oprah today. Of course majority of the things they talked about was about HP...more popularly known as Hewlett-Packard....nah, Harry Potter. I didn't watch the whole interview but I caught the part where Oprah asked her if there is a chance that she's going to write another Harry Potter book. According to the billionaire author there is always that possibility. She said she can write several more books about Harry but for now, she's done.

First time I heard Harry Potter was in the late 1990s. I was already teaching in Taiwan and I would hear several of my former students talking about it. I didn't get interested in reading the book until a former co-teacher loaned me a copy of the first book. Needless to say I was hooked after that. I bought my own copy of the first and the second books while I was in Taiwan. The third book....it was the husband's very first birthday gift for me. I should probably have that book framed or something, eh? LOL...Anyway, if ever JK Rowling decides to continue with the series, I'd definitely still buy it.


Anonymous said…
Dara, wah mitas ku kaibat hiskul, kasi megmens ku 16 naku eh.

Kalagu na neng dalaga mu, matas ya neh. Sagule lamung dadagul deng anak ngeni.

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