Jelly Belly...


It's another nice day outside today. We've been having really gorgeous days around here for the past couple of weeks. If only I don't have to work, it would be good to run around the neighborhood in this kind of weather. Instead I am stuck in the house working. If this kind of weather stays like this next week, I'd probably take some time off and do just or walk around even if it's just around our yard. I badly need to go back to my walking. I noticed that I'm gaining some weight lately and it's all going in my mid-section. Yep, the belly roll are starting to bother me. If only stomach weight loss is easy. Everything I read says that losing belly fats is one of the hardest when it comes to losing weight. I can only agree.

Honestly, I'm happy with my current weight. I just don't like that I have the jelly rolls that came with my weight gain. I tried, unsuccessfully I must add, to do walking and simple exercises hoping to at least get rid some of it. But something happened around the time I was into walking and exercising and I just quit altogether. Sigh. Now I wish I didn't stop. But it happened already. Hopefully, I'll be motivated again to start my walking regimen...soon.


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