Lawn Woe

This is our yard during the spring season [I think]. We [meaning the husband] try to maintain it as much as possible. Even during those days where the husband works 7 days a week, he still finds the time to mow the grass and work around the yard. Judging from this picture, you would think our yard is near perfect. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In the last 3 years that we've been living here, hubby tried almost everything to rid our yard with some unwanted creatures. He followed suggestions after suggestions from home improvement people to the nursery people where we get our plants on how to get rid of these pests but to no avail. Fireants are the biggest problem we have followed by moles. For the moles, we tried buying things like fox pee [yes, urine but in tablet forms] to the sonar gadget to traps. So far, nothing worked. For now, we decided to take a break from sabotaging these pesky moles since nothing is working.

As for the fireants, we tried the store bought killers and some other things that I can no longer remember. No luck either. Finally, the husband decided that we should just hire professionals to help us out. We've started looking for a pest control company but it's not as easy as we thought it would. We don't want to just hire the first one that comes up in our search. We want a company with good reputation as well as accredited with the Better Business Bureau like Houston Pest Control. We want to make sure we get the services of people who know what they're doing and can deliver results just like Houston Pest Control can. So far, we haven't found the one we want in our neck of the woods. Since winter will be here soon, we figure we have a few more months to look. Hopefully, we'll be able to find one before spring comes. For now, we'll just wait it out and see...


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