Mall Trip


It wasn't part of the plan but we ended up going to the mall yesterday. Why? We found out that the little one's 3 months old sneakers are getting too crowded...meaning: she's outgrowing them already. How can that be? We bought her a size bigger than her size still her feet caught up with the shoes faster than I can say 'what?'! Since we also need to look for a pair for her Halloween costume, we decided to take the trip to the mall after we visited some relatives.

Since it's Sunday, there's quite a few people walking around the mall. We made it there an hour or so before closing time since they close early on Sundays. We had to move faster since an hour is not enough for the little one to make up her mind when it comes to her shoes. Yeah, typical, right? While we looked at shoes for her, Dad went to check on the perdomo cigars in one of the stores. Her brother that we visited mentioned that their oldest brother like the brand so hubby thought of checking it out while we're there. We only go to the mall once every 3 months so it's a perfect time for him to check it. Beside...who would want to hang around 2 girls checking out shoes for an hour or so? Ha!


Ciela said…
Looks like it won't be long when you can borrow each others shoes. Bilis lumaki ni E! Mabuti nga at very patient si M sa pagsama sa sa pagsa-shopping ninyong mag-mommy! Bihira talaga yan. he he..

Ako nakatali pa sa bahay due to my swollen foot. I already miss going to the mall. Hayyy...

Have a great new week!

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