No Clue


Everyday when I watch the news, one of the headlines is almost always about jobs or the lack of jobs everywhere. Our state has record-breaking unemployment rates almost monthly. It was reported last night that more and more people here are depending on food stamps because more and more people are losing their job. The sad part is we're not only talking of 'poor' people counting on food stamps. Middle class people are also into food stamps now. It's very disheartening to say the least.

This is why I have really have no clue why some people still want to come here in the US. I would understand why if the economy here is booming...but it's not. It's the opposite that's happening. One good example is my cousin. He has a job back home at the international airport. I'd like to believe it's a stable job because he's been in that job for about 20 years already. You would think he'd be happy but it seems such is not the case. He left me a message in FB saying that he's looking at airport jobs here in the US because he STILL wants to come here. It's not the first time he told me about his desire to move here. The last few times he told me about it, I actually discouraged him. Obviously that didn't work so I won't say anything this time. I'm just hoping it's all worth it for him and his family at the end...and I wish him the best. For now, that's all I can do...


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