No Stopping It..


A few days ago, the little one lost a tooth. To my surprise [and delight, maybe?], she expected the toothfairy to show up to give her some coins. That made me feel that she's still somehow a baby. The next day though, she called herself a 'young lady'. Ugh! It didn't crush me or anything like that but kinda' took me back to reality. Yes, she's growing up [fast] right before our eyes and there's no stopping it. A lot of times she still wants to be treated like a baby but for the most part, she prefers to be treated like a 'young lady'. The changes in her are not only emotional or psychological. The physical changes are probably the most drastic and of course the most obvious. With all the physical changes in her, she has started asking questions like 'what is acne?' or 'what is blackhead'? because she's been seeing little pimples as well as blackheads on her nose and around her nose. I don't remember being this conscious about my face when I was her age. I'm not even sure I had acne or blackheads until I was in high school. I guess kids today grow faster, eh?


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