Women and shoes. They go together, don't they? I'm probably considered an 'odd ball' because I don't really swoon over shoes. Yes, I like cute shoes but that's not enough reason for me to buy a pair. I have to make sure I can actually wear them. I HATE getting blisters because of new shoes...and cute shoes won't compensate for that...to me anyway. Right now, I probably have 10 pairs. I'm a WAHM so shoes are not really a must to go to work. I work 'barefoot' actually. LOL! But even when I was still teaching, I only have the same number of pairs. And I tend to use the same pair over and over unless it's a total misfit with my outfit.

Anyway, last weekend when we went to exchange the little one's shoes the husband started walking around the shoe store. After a while he stopped and asked: Honey, don't you want a pair of shoes? Me: What? I'm not sure if I said what because I thought didn't hear him right or because I was surprised with the question. Then it dawned on me....he's still trying to figure out what to give me on my birthday! Hahaha....poor husband. I just told him I don't really need any new shoes right now. I thought I'd let him sweat it out for a few more days...then I'd tell him what I really want is a gold bar. Hahaha....why not, right? Unlike shoes, the gold bar is something I can actually hand down to the little one since her feet are giant feet compared to mine. The value of gold is also something that goes up instead of down. But a gold bar maybe too much to ask for....so I'd probably settle with any precious metal then maybe in jewelry form, eh?


Anonymous said…
Ouuccchhh meturan ku keng shoes mu dara, pero mailig ku talaga keng sapataos ali ku la man asusulud ngan pero they make me smile. Ing masakit mu istung bayu lang taksyapu sakit da bitis.

Anyway, busy ya ing wale mung lagu lagu kasi atyu ya pinas i joe ku kaya mag bus ku, maranun kung mamako bale tapos bengi na ku makauli.
Ciela said…
How sweet naman ni M! Ay naku, kung ako tinanong ng ganyan.. hala sabi agad ng gusto! Problem is, minsan di mo type ung pinili nya para sa 'yo! Kaya better na kasama ka sa pagbili di ba?

Kailan na nga ba yung berdey mo?
Happy Birthday in advance!

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