Pet Beds?


Earlier today I called my family back home. They're having a long weekend there because of All Saint's Day which is observed on the first of November. Usually they're all there on days like this one that's why I take the time to give them a call and possibly talk to all of them. I called a day earlier though so I was only able to talk to some but it's okay. I took the chance to also ask them what they want for Christmas and my niece is asking for a couple of pet beds. I sent one a few years ago because I saw one online which was really cheap. I'm sure they won't be that cheap now. I told her I'll try but no promises. I didn't even know they have more pets now so I was surprised when she requested for beds for them.

Anyway, I'm supposed to call again around 9 PM my time but I wasn't able to. We went to the mall to take the little one trick or treat then ate out so we got back a bit late. By the time I got done doing what I needed done, it was too late to call already. I may just email them to ask what the rest want for Christmas. I am hoping to do that within this week so I can ship the box ASAP since it takes 4 to 5 weeks to get there. Hopefully I'll be able to find everything before I run out of time.


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