Pregnant After All...


Let me clarify...I'm not talking about ME. LOL. I'm talking about a famous singer who has been dodging the bullets when it comes to this intersting stage in her life. Yep, Mariah Carey finally confirmed that she's indeed heavy with a child...and she looks like it. During the time that they were not confirming [or denying] whether she's pregnant or not, I've seen a lot of pictures of her. What can I say..if she's not pregnant then she may just have to go to one ot the diets for quick weight loss being advertised so she won't be mistaken as preggy.

She's not the only famous person who tried to pull this even if it's very obvious she's pregnant. J-Lo did it as well. I remember Ellen De Generes donning very pregnant J-Lo costume in one of her Halloween shows and she kept saying: I'm not pregnant! I thought that was hilarious. Maybe next year Ellen can don a very pregnant Mariah costume and do the same thing. Ha!


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