Rainy Season, Still?

I'm chatting right now with a high school friend and she said it's pouring hard at the moment where she's at. She's supposed to attend a meeting in our high school alma mater to talk about the Ruby Jubilee of the school this coming December but with it's now looking like she won't be able to attend because of the heavy rain. I thought rainy season is over and done already in the Philippines. I guess not, eh?

Anyway, I'm teasing my friend that she should attend and put her kamik rain boots
to use. She said she will but it seems that rain won't be the only problem. It's been raining in our province for about a week now...since that super typhoon earlier this, and it looks like flooding is very much likely especially in and around the area where our high school is located. I can't believe flooding is still the problem around that area. I thought that would be remedied after more than 40 years but I guess not. The sad part is...it's just getting worse.


Nancy Janiola said…
it's supposedly over na kaya lang a super typhoon (Juan) just hit Luzon recently and the country's expecting 6 more of it before the year ends. Hopefully maglihis ng kani-kanilang mga landas at wag na dumaan dito sa bansa.

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