Recalls Galore


It was only earlier this week when I read about a baby stroller recall. Graco is recalling 2 million of their strollers after reports of 4 deaths are said to be caused by the stroller. Yesterday, I read that Chrysler is recalling thousands of their products as well for some fire hazards. Today, Toyota is recalling 1.5 millions of their cars because of some brake fluid related problem. It's only been a year since they were in the news and now they're back.

Why is it that many companies are going through this anyway? I thought they do extensive studies before they manufacture their products? Does it mean the studies they do may not be enough? It's frustrating to read such news because everybody's affected by it...not only those who actually buy these products. Can you imagine sharing the road with a defective car? The vehicles that are being recalled are models from 2004 to 2006. If reports are to be believed, Toyota started getting reports of break fluid leaks in February 2005. So why are they recalling these cars now...10 years after?

What a mess...


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