With all the social networking around, I no longer know which is which sometimes. I don't really jump into the bandwagon right away when a social network is launched. I used to but I stopped when I started email alerts one after the other. It seems a lot of people [majority of them I don't even know] want to be in my social circle. Really? So I decided to just delete my accounts to most of othem.

I stayed with the most famous one...of course! But even with this one I don't really post much. I comment periodically and post a picture here and there but that's about it. The thing I love the most about these social networks is how I am able to reconnect with people I lost touch with in the last, maybe 30 years. Childhood friends, grade school and high school classmates, even college classmates as well as relatives especially my cousins. We didn't have celfones or emails then so we just exchanged home addresses to keep in touch. But through the years, sending postal mails just kind of faded away which led to loss of communications.

So far I've reconnected with some people I've been searching for since I started going online. I even found a first cousin who is about to move down here early next year. His family is already here but he is still back in the Philippines. We've been planning Orlando vacations already because that's what we will be doing as soon as he comes over. He has 3 daughters and 2 of them are close to the little one's age. Rxciting, I must say. Finally, a relative who is not thousands of miles away from me. Yeah!


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