First time I've seen and heard about this kind of weed was when I came over here. I've never seen them before that. We have them in the old property. Now we have them here as well. From what I've read they're common in our state. I didn't think we have them here until recently. I started stepping on them here inside the house. Ugh. Why are they inside the house? Because they stick to anything especially clothing. We also step on them outside which would make them stick on the sole of our foot wear. They are irritating because it hurts when you step on their spiky husk.

Since we have very mild weather today, I tried to look for them in the yard...and there they were by the edge of the front yard. They're hard to pull! Their roots are like 6 ft under so it's kinda' impossible to just pull them out. I needed to dig them out...and I was only able to dig very few. My weed picker is not designed for these pesky weeds. I'd probably ask the hubby to look for one specifically designed for them. I'm sure they have one in the hardware stores around here.

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