A Sensation


Remember the You Tube video of the Dancing Flight Attendants I posted here a few days ago? Well, it went viral and reached 6 million hits in just 5 days. And since it's on You Tube, it also hit international news in no time. I saw them in our local news here I think on Monday or Tuesday. I just did a search and several major news companies like MSNBC, Fox, CBS, Reuters to name a few already had their take on this internet sensation.

Of course not everybody's happy about this. The Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Phils as well as the women's rights group 'Gabriela' are only 2 of those not thrilled about the video. Demeaning, undignified and cheap promotional gimick are only some of the words used by those who are not in favor of the said video. I guess everybody's entitled to his or her opinion. I wonder what the participants in that video have to say about this?


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