Spare iPod


About a month ago, hubby's Blackberry trackball quit working. He's had this blackberry for about 4 years, maybe more. He got it while we were still in the other house which is almost 3 years ago. He can still receive calls as well as make calls but that's about it. He couldn't access anything in the phone like phone numbers or the internet. So he thought of replacing it with a new phone...possibly the new iPhone. There's just one problem...he cannot get the new phone without strings attached to it like a contract. He doesn't like contracts so he decided to keep his blackberry and just get the new iPod that has the same features as the iPhone except for the phone itself. So now we have 2 ipods at our disposal. The little one's which she got Christmas 2008 and the big one's [aka Big Daddy].

Everything is working out okay. He's happy with his new iPod which by the way has the inscription: This one's mine. Get your own! Then one of their sales rep dropped by the shop. They got into talking and hubby mentioned about his Blackberry's trackball. The sales rep who also has a BB asked to see hubby's phone. He then proceeded to remove the trackballs of the phones and used his BB's trackball on hubby's phone. Voila! Hubby's phone worked just fine with the sales rep's trackball. Hubby ordered the trackball online and it only cost ten bucks. So now that his phone is working again, the iPod he got is now sitting on the counter. He still uses it but not as much as he used to a couple of weeks ago when he thought his phone was irreparable. Maybe I should just 'sequester' his iPod, eh?


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