I'm turning a year wiser next month. I can't help it. The day just comes every single year...LOL. As usual, the hubby is, yes, stumped as to what to get me. We go through this at least 3 times a year. But during this time of the year, he tends to be more concerned at to what to get me. Maybe he's trying to cheer me up since I'm getting a year greyer[?], eh? As always, I don't have a clue either what I want or what he can get me. Big surprise. The thing is if I want something and I find it online, I usually get it myself just like was the shirts and some leggings I ordered last week which arrived this weekend.

When he asked me about 2 night ago he voiced out same sentiment again...."I don't know what to get you because you're not into anything. You're not into clothes, bags, jewelry." Hold it! When he said I'm not into jewelry, I suddenly had a bright idea. Maybe I can just let him buy gold pieces of jewelry for me and I'll just stash them away like some form of investment, eh? Seriously. Gold is something that only gets better through the years. I'm not sure how much an ounce of pure gold is right now but I know the price is steadily going up.

I have some jewelry pieces that I bought in Taiwan when I was still teaching there and I don't think I've used them more than once since I came here. The good thing is they don't get bad or spoiled our outdated. They're gold and they will always be gold no matter what. So yes, maybe I'll start being 'into' gold jewelry [or diamond jewelry if I must] if only not to give the husband a hard time thinking what he can get on special occasions. Sweet!


Advanced Happy Birthday Ate J! LOL!

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