Super Typhoon Megi


International name: Megi aka as "Juan" in the Philippines.

I was surprised to read about this first thing in the morning today. There was no news of any typhoon yesterday. And it's called a super typhoon at that. I thought of my family immediately. So far I have not seen our province as one of the affected places so I'm not as worried anymore. They probably had lots of rain though so they're not totally spared of Juan's lashes. My next concern now as far as my family goes is flooding. We have a river right by our backyard so everytime it rains straight for 24hours, there's that chance the river will swell up and flood our house. Not good.

It's too late to call now since it's already 2 AM there. I am hoping I'll get some news from my nieces or nephews via Facebook either later today [tomorrow there] or early tomorrow. According to the news, 3 are known to have died as a result of this super typhoon. I am praying the number does not go up anymore and stays at 3.


Bravespirit said…
Hi there! I am also praying back here in the Phils for God's protection. Juan is in the north area , though far from manila, I really hope people there will be safe.
Ciela said…
Hello Huling! Sa awa ng Diyos, kahit it was expected to be a very strong typhoon, hindi naman masyadong destructive itong si Juan. Although may mga ilang casualties in the north, it turned out, humina ang powers nya nung nasa loob na sya ng Pinas. Wag ka na masyado mag-worry. Hopefully your family here is safe and sound like most of us here in affected areas.

Relax and take care!
JonaBQ said…
Isabela is the province that got hit the most. hope your relatives are far from there.
missed being here mommy jules!

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