Taking Responsibility


Lately, I've been fussing a lot about my weight gain. The last time being 3 days ago. Frankly, I haven't really done much to lose it so I shouldn't be complaining, should I? Ha! Anyway, after I wrote that entry about my weight gain, I went to my other blog to write some kind of an udate. That other blog doesn't really get much traffic so when I see someone new visit it, I try to return the favor. The blog of the last one I visited somehow hit me. The entries are mostly about the struggles of someone who is on the heavy side. Reading through the entries made me think about my constant whining about my being a few pounds heavier than the weight I am used to growing up. I felt like I shouldn't be making a big deal out of it since it is something I have control over. I mean, all I need is discipline when it comes to eating and exercising and I will lose the unwanted poundage. This blogger on the other hand has some kind of medical problems so using even the best diet pills out there doesn't really help. At least in my case, the weight gain is all my doing since I 'eat more than I burn'. So if anything, it is my fault that's why I seem to be gaining weight even if I try not to eat as much. Maybe I should start thinking about exercising as well.


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