Two Years After


I blogged about this here several times but after more than one year, the custom corner curio we ordered from a guy in Georgia MAY actually be finished. "MAY" being the operative word here. I have no idea why but we couldn't bring ourselves to actually believe what he said last week. Maybe that's because he promised to deliver a year ago? Yep, that would it.

Anyway, we tried to be patient with him. Everytime he talked with my husband he would always have some sob stories. The very first one was that of his wife leaving him with the kids. After that, it was just one sob story after another. We got fed up with his false promises that we seriously considered asking our lawyer to write him. At the same time, we also started looking for another curio but we couldn find one that meets what we're looking for. I guess that's the reason why we ordered a customized one. That's probably the reason also why even if we're so fed up with the guy we contracted, we hoped that he'd deliver sooner or later. Well, he called last week and said that he MAY be done with it by next week. Are we excited? A little. Like I said, that curio is like a missing piece of the puzzle. Hopefully we'll see that curio really soon and finally finish working on this puzzle we like to call 'our living room',


Anonymous said…
hola dara diba maluwat ne ini? taksyapu ali napa murin ayayari? Whaw, kaluwattt

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