Weight Gain


Weight gain used to be something that I thought would never happen to me. I was barely 80 pounds when I graduated high school and stayed below 100 pounds up until I got pregnant. I still remember how happy I was when I saw the hand on the weighing scale go over the 100-pound mark when I was about 5 months pregnant. It was the first it happened so it was something new to me. Back when I was in college, I got really thin because of the pressure of school that you would think I was taking a cocktail of diet pills for dinner. In reality though I was eating like a truck driver. I could eat 2 to 3 cups of rice in one seating but it didn't do anything to my weight. My father got really worried that he asked a doctor to prescribe me something that would help with my weight gain. When the doctor learned that I was eating as much as I was he thought I had some kind of worms so he ordered some tests for me. Nope. No worms. Nothing was wrong with me either. The doctor didn't prescribe me anything because my appetite was fine. He just said that it's probably in my genes.

Today...it's the opposite. It's been over that 100-lb mark since I was pregnant and it seems it's going to stay that way. I try to eat as little as possible but the my weight won't come down. Well, it does actually. It comes down by a pound for a day then goes back up 2 pounds more. Ugh! It's like one step forward, 2 steps back. Maybe I should just stop eating altogether, eh?


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