What's Next?


TGIF! Finally. My week started out slow but it got a little busy as Friday approached. I blogged a lot yesterday in between my gigs. I only took short breaks to eat, cook and do some laundry. I wish it's like this all the time but it's not. It seems that everytime one of my jobs get busy, the others also get busy. That's my only complain. But that's the way it is so I just have to wing it and do my best.

Anyway, I took a longer break later this afternoon. I spent most of my break time cleaning out the fridge since it's grocery day today. While waiting for hubby, I went Facebooking, of course. LOL. What else is there to do to unwind, right? The first thing I would normally do when I go to FB is to check for latest photos. I don't do it as much anymore because all I see now are stuff for sale. I've seen almost eveyrthing being sold there. Things from signature bags to iPhone imitations to jewelry to cars. It won't be long before I'd probably see some Ferrari parts [or even a Ferrari car maybe?] for sale there. Wny not? Facebook has half a billion members already. That means a bigger market. I'm sure the marketing will only get bigger. I guess I just need to accept that this is all part of these sites. I can either stay or just deactivate my account altogether. As the saying goes: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Hmmm...


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