Who's Old?


I finally saw a picture of my brand new grandchild! She's technically my brother's first grandchild but in the Philippines, he is also considered as my grandchild. The picture they posted in FB is just a picture of his face but I can tell that he's a big baby. According to my nieces, my brother is 'claiming' that the baby takes after him as far as 'looks' is concerned. I'm sure my other relatives are claiming the same thing.

Seeing the picture of my 3rd grandchild makes me feel old. I still remember seeing my nieces and nephews as babies and now I'm seeing their babies. Ugh. Physically, it's no different. Gray hairs are overtaking my black ones. I try pulling them out but I'm afraid I might go bald if I continue doing that. I'm starting to consider dyeing my hair. The fine lines on my face are also showing in more places than I care to aadmit. I wonder if these lines will eventually cover the acne scars I have. Maybe not. I guess I would have to get me some acne scar cream to take care of those. Anyway, I'm fully aware that all these physical changes will happen sooner or later. I just need to be more accepting of them or I'll end up getting more fine lines and gray hairs if I worry about them more.


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