Word Play


If I followed my father's wish [suggestion?], I'd probably be in the medical field now either as a midwife or a nurse. But I couldn't possibly follow his wish because I'm not made to be in that field. Read: I'm scared of blood! Plain and simple. One of my gigs now is probably the closest I can get to a medical field job. Without giving away too much information about this [which I'm not allowed to disclose I think] gig, let me just say that with this job I deal with a lot of medical terminologies such different kinds of health issues like diabetis, medical machines like ecg machines and respirators as well as medications. I never imagine that I will be dealing with a lot of these terms that some of them really are foreign to me even if they're in english. Most of the time I actually find myself either searching online for these words so as to educate myself a little bit or use my dictionary for the definition. I even had to call my nephew who is a doctor to explain some of these words to me to better understand them.


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