Another Year...

...has been added to my collection of birthdays. My wish? How about a bigger head for me and smaller one for the little girl. LOL...

Seriously, there's not much I can ask for even if we're not rich financially. I think I have more things I'm thankful for than for things to wish for. For one, the husband has a steady job and I'm very thankful for that since a lot of people can't even find one during these hard times. I know quite a few who now have to turn to payday loans to make ends meet. One friend who called to greet me earlier was telling me that even if she has a job, there are times that they can barely pay everything that needs paid. Her husband used to have a regular job but he got laid off about a year ago. He started a small business soon after that but with the present economic situation, the business hasn't taken off.

It's when I hear stories like this that I really appreciate what we have right now.


BongFlo said…
bday mo mommy j??? haberday na lang! all the best sa iyo at sa pamilya mo.

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