The "F" Word....


You'll think that after hearing bad news after bad news you'll get used to it already. Not quite true...especially if the bad news hits close to home.

We've known for a while now that somebody close to us is having some problems with his house...the 'F' word - foreclosure. Truth be told, he was advised by my hubby not to pursue with his plans of renovating that house a few years ago considering the housing market's situation. He didn't listen saying it would get better before it could get worse. Boy was he ever wrong. The problem with this person is he rarely listens to my husband. Why he even bother to ask for my husband's opinion is beyond me.

The sadder part of this story is he spent most of his retirement money in renovating that house. Now he doesn't have a house and lost a lot of money in the process. I don't know why he didn't think of investing his money in something more stable. Personally, if we have the money we will buy gold bars or something just as stable and not in something shaky like real estate. I believe my husband told him that as well but since he doesn't seem to listen to anyone but himself, he went ahead and did what he did. Like I said, sometimes I wonder why he [and some other so-called friends/relatives] calls my husband for advice if he won't listen anyway. He's just wasting everybody's time, right? Maybe he just likes hearing himself talk, eh?


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