In Place


Our curio is finally in its place. Hubby called his brother to come over to help him move it from the trailer he hauled it in to our living room. I didn't realize it was that heavy. I actually offered to help move it but hubby said I won't be able to lift it an inch. Tee hee...

Our next buy stuff we can put in it. One thing I didn't realize is how big it is. I thought it would be a little smaller but it looks okey in our living room. The top shelves are bare right now and I can't really decide what to put in it. I'm sure we'll come up with something before long. We're not in a hurry anyway. If we're able to go almost 2 years without it, what's another 2 years to decorate it? LOL...Nah....I'm sure it won't take that long...especially now that it's up to us and not some unprofessional whatchamacallit.


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