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Back in the 1990s, I was in a car accident. My co-teachers and I were on our way back to the school where we worked after running some last minute errands for our Christmas party. Our school driver was behind the wheels and he wasn’t a very patient driver. I remember thinking that we were going to be in an accident if he didn’t slow down. He was in a hurry because we were almost late for the gathering but I’d rather be late than land in a hospital. What do you know, we had an accident. In his aim to make it on time, he didn’t realize a truck in our way was stopped because it broke down. It was too late when he realized it so we hit the truck. We weren’t seriously hurt but it was scary. After filing the report, we went ahead and attended that party we were in a hurry to attend. I don’t believe there was any lawsuit or anything like that for that accident since the only damage done was on our school driver…he was fired by our Directress.

Everything was settled between our driver and the driver of the truck right there and then. No lawsuits or anything like that was ever filed. But that was years ago and it happened in a country where lawsuits are something we rarely hear about. If that happened here, say in Texas, there’s a big chance that the driver of the truck we hit will probably hire a Texas Truck Accident Attorney right away. It’s just the way it is here. I think that’s reasonable and everyone is entitled to seek a lawyer’s help just in case. That’s actually one of the things I like here. Lawyers, like a hip recall lawyer, are easy to reach. Such is not the case in the Philippines. If you want a lawyer, you must be ready financially because they charge up front. Here, there are lawyers that don’t charge their clients unless they get settlements. That’s good because a lot of people can’t afford to pay up front just like a lot of those affected by the hip replacement recall in August of this year. At least the victims of this recall will have the chance to at least recoup whatever they had to spend when they needed another surgery to replace the hip replacement they originally got.

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