Maybe in the Future...


Every now and then the husband and I get into some serious talks about the future. We have some long term plans as well as short-term ones that we want to accomplish in a few years. We know there's a lot of hard work to be done if we want any of these plans to materialize. We make it a point to be practical in everything we do. Sometimes we get carried away and buy more than what we planned to buy but that's rare. Most of the time we stick to the plan so I think we're good. LOL....

I mentioned here several times that if I have the money, I'll buy me gold bullion. It turns out, the husband also thinks that is a good idea. I know he's into stock and stock trading recently but it's only now that he mentioned he also wants to invest in gold. Gold a[s well as some other precious metals like silver] has passed the test of time and is staying solid even if everything around it is crushing down. We're not buying yet but it's something we're seriously considering. We just need to start saving a little bit more in order to make this plan a reality.


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