Yes, it is. It's Veterans' Day today and it's a national holiday. I knew Veterans' Day is coming up but it totally slipped my mind it's actually. The little one was the one who reminded me that it is today. When I was still working outside the house, I knew all the holidays weeks away. Primarily because of the day-off from work. Now that I'm a WAHM....such is no longer the case. Christmas can even probably sneak up on me and I'd be totally be surprised. LOL...

We don't normally feel it here when it's a non-working holiday. Hubby still goes to work while I work. One of my jobs today emailed letting me know that it's going to be a slow day because of the holiday but there was still some work that came my way. I guess we're not the only ones foregoing more & more holidays now. That's just the way it is now I guess.

But that's not saying that we should forget about those that fight for the country. We should always remember them....not just on Veterans' Day.


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