Product Research


Everytime we want or need to buy something, we take our time to research the product. This is especially true with the husband. When his Blackberry's trackball stopped working, he was originally planning in ditching the phone and buying the much hyped about iPone4. He started researching and weighs the pros & cons. It took him days to do research before he finally settled with an iPod instead of an iPhone. It was a wise decision because he later found out that the trackball on his Blackberry can be replaced and so he did and now it works just fine. If he bought an iPhone instead, he would have ditched his Blackberry.

Doing research before purchasing anything always pays least to us anyway. Right now, he is busy researching document management softwares because he wants to buy one for the company. I think today is Day 4 of his research and I'm hoping he'd be able to decide before the weekend. If not, then his weekend will be spent doing that instead of doing something else. That's just the way he is...he doesn't stop until he satisfied with his research.


Nancy Janiola said…
it works for me too... hehe.

sayang din yung Blackberry phone buti na lang nahanapan pa ng paraan.

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