Same As Usual....

That's my favorite line before. It's also the best way to describe the birthday I just had. I don't make a big deal of my birthday. The day IS a big deal in the Philippines since it's the day when people flock to their loved ones final resting place. In the little cemetery where our relatives are buried [including my Nanay & Tatang], there's literally hundreds of people at any given time during the day and night. If only because of that, my birthday is almost always remembered. Where I'm at now, it's just an ordinary day. No flock of people, no big fuss about it. That's how I like it. The only one that makes a fuss about birthdays [and any other dates marked on the calendar] around here is our little one. To us, that's quite alright.
This is what she put on my laptop in the morning of my birthday.

She knows my laptop is the first thing I go to [if I don't have to wake her up anyway] when I go out of the bedroom. Strategically placed, eh? There's nothing special inside the box. She just placed her toys in there for me to enjoy. If you're curious what's in's a little pink purse with a plastic pink ring in it. Throughout the day, she was greeting me...until she went to bed. That's just how she is...very sweet....and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

The husband....he got me something I really love...dark chocolate and a 'funny' card. He was having a hard time deciding what to get me actually and the chocolate was his last resort. He tried luring me into buying shoes and some clothes but I wasn't interested. He knew there's really nothing I want because if I did, I would have told him so he just got me my favorite kind of chocolate. Suuwwweeet. I'm hiding it now here in mydrawer...LOL.

He also came home with this....

I actually asked him to get a certain kind of cake but he didn't know where to find it. I forgot to tell him that it's only made in one place. Oh well...maybe next year? The little one wanted to put candles, etc on it but I said no need. I didn't want to burn down the house or anything like that so she gave in. She just sang me a Happy Birthday song instead.

That's how my day went down. a tradition, I also called my family back home. It's probably the 15th year [maybe longer] that I am not "home" on this special day so I make it a point to call them wherever I am. To me, that completes my birthday.


Nancy Janiola said…
so sweet of your family... belated happy birthday Ms. J!
Lynn said…
oh, that's sweet. i never got the chance to greet u, mommy J. di na napadalaw here eh. :)

belated happy birthday though. yes, it was simple but the most important thing is, you're happy and healthy. best wishes! hugs.

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