Sign My Life Away...


That's how the husband called it. LOL. Hubby has a few retirement accounts that he's been evaluating lately. One of them was from his old job nad it's just sitting with no returns. He wants to use it to invest into some stocks that look promising. Since I am his beneficiary, I had to sign the papers before he can do the transfer..that's why he said that. I wasn't even aware that I was the beneficiary. I guess it's something automatic to him because he made me beneficiary of everything right after we got married.

I don't really know much about investing or stocks for that matter. I used to think that the best investment one can make is to buy a house or real properties. But with the recent housing industry collapse, my way of thinking has shifted. I would rather buy gold bullion today instead of investing in another house or a piece of property. Unlike real estate, the market value of gold and its marketability has been pretty steady throughout this economic crisis we're in right in right now. That's what we want in our lives anyway....stability.


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