Stress-free Installation

After almost 2 years, 19 months to be exact, the corner curio we ordered from a guy in Georgia is finished! You read that right, 19 months for a curio to be finished. There’s nothing special about this particular curio except that we couldn’t find one to our specifications. We thought the best route to take was to order a custom made one. It turned out to be the worst route ever. Never again will we go through that in the future. I honestly thought we won’t ever see that curio but now it’s done. Why didn’t we give up on it? Because we paid the man a 50% deposit for it and it’s a lot of money especially at this time of economic crunch.

What’s going to happen next? Hubby will be going to Georgia to pick it up. He chose to pick it up himself because he wants to do the inspection first before paying him the rest…which he doesn’t deserve in my opinion. It’s a good thing it’s not the middle of the ice season of else hubby will need some tire chains put on his truck for safety. We don’t normally use tire chains where we’re at since it doesn’t snow nor ice here so that would have been an extra cost for us. But if ever we will need Tire Chains for our vehicles, at least I know of a place where we can get products like EasyToGo and the Grip which from what I hear are pretty easy to install. That’s good because after this stressful dealing with this guy in Georgia, stress is the last thing we want.


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