Thanks to Daddy!


Finally, no more political ads on TV and no more political calls numerous times a day. It gets really tiring seeing these ads over and over again so when Tuesday came rolling in, I was one happy camper. On Wednesday, the little one asked if this and that candidate won. I think she asked about 3 particular candidates and I said yes they won. Her reaction: Well then, thanks to Daddy! LOL. She thinks they won because of her Dad. She really thinks her Dad can make things happen and that he knows everything. But come to think of it...Daddy [aka 'the husband] does know a lot of things. I'm not just saying it because he's my husband. He's really the jack of all trade. He can fix almost anything...from computers to anything that needs fixed around the house. I can aso ask him questions about anything like what rack mount computer is to what the black hole is all about. I can even ask him questions about places in the Philippines and he'll be able to give me an answer. Seriously. Not me though....there's so much about my home country I still need to learn...especially places.

So, is there anything he doesn't know then? Yep! Where the glue gun is....LOL


Ciela said…
Kwela 'to ha, Huling! Natawa talaga ako. E bakit naman kasi ikaw ang nagliligpit, hindi sya para alam nya kung nasaan ang glue gun?! ha ha ha... Nice one!

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