Trimming Down


This time it's not me. It's the man of the house. We were both stick thin when we met some ten years ago but that's no longer the case. We've gained more weight than what we planned or wanted. At first, I'm the only not very happy with it. He was fine with it and said he fet great. Not quite the case lately. He's starting to feel some discomfort I guess so he's trying to think about trimming down a little bit. He's convinced that it's happening already because he's seeing some drop on the scale...but that was so last week. LOL. He doesn't think he lost any this week. We are not doing anything different by the way. Well, maybe a little. He stopped snacking after dinner. Since it doesn't seem that he lost any this week, I'm thinking of looking for the best weight loss supplements out there to aid in this 'battle'.

Frankly, I don't really want him to shed off the weight but for health reasons, I have no choice. I like him a bit plump and so does he but if his health is being affected by it, then he has to lose some of the weight. Maybe I can join him in this quest, eh? We gained weight together...why not lose it together as well, right?


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