Winter Like Weather


Yep, we're in for a very cold weekend. If the past couple of days were rainy, the next couple of days [or more] will be cold. Today we woke up with a higher 30s temperature. As of this writing, we're having lower 50s. If my computer weather bug is right, the highest will only be in the lower 60s. Can I say....brrrrr????

I'm sure glad that the warmer clothes I ordered online for the little arrived earlier this week. She's already wearing one of the outfits today. I still have to get her some more plus some new shoes as well. The one we got her a few weeks ago are sandals because it was pretty hot during those days. Now I have to find some shoes that will keep her little toes warm and comfy. I'm thinking of getting her either ecco shoes or some UGG boots if I find one that she likes. She has to approve of them or else they will be ignored. I can no longer do what I did before which was to decide which clothes or shoes she likes. She's at that age where her approval is needed when it comes to her wardrobe. Actually, it's a 3-way thing. We ALL have to approve of it. That way we know her clothes are appropriate for her age.


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